Herb Storage: Keeping it Fresh

August 30, 2023

Herb Storage: Keeping it Fresh

The Delicate Balance of Cannabis Preservation

Every seasoned cannabis connoisseur understands that preserving the herb’s freshness and potency isn’t merely about stashing it away in any available container. Cannabis, like a fine wine or gourmet coffee, demands a specific set of conditions to maintain its flavour, aroma, and effectiveness. Exposure to factors like light, air, heat, and moisture can degrade the herb’s quality, reducing the desired effects and potentially turning a prized stash into a mediocre one. What’s at stake isn’t just the herb’s strength but its array of terpenes, the aromatic compounds responsible for cannabis’s unique scents and flavours, as well as its many cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Recognizing and managing these factors is foundational to ensuring that every time you reach for your stash, you’re getting the very best experience.

Containers: Beyond Bags and Basic Jars

Marijuana in tupperware. .

The time-honoured plastic baggie, often the default choice for many, is unfortunately fraught with issues when it comes to long-term cannabis storage. The primary problem is that plastic often carries a static charge. This means that the fine trichomes, tiny crystal-like appendages that house much of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, can stick to the bag. When this happens, your herb not only loses potency but also much of its flavour and aroma.

Glass jars, while a step up, come with their own set of challenges. Clear glass might beautifully display the rich greens and purples of your herb, but it has a significant downside. Transparent containers allow harmful UV rays to penetrate, which can degrade the valuable cannabinoids, turning your potent stash less effective over time.

Gloved hands, putting trimmed CBD hemp flower weed buds in a storage glass jar, using tweezers.


This realization has led many in the cannabis community to turn to purpose-made stash containers. These containers are specially designed to address the unique requirements of cannabis storage. Crafted often with non-reactive materials, they provide an airtight seal, ensuring minimal oxygen intrusion. The best of these purpose-made containers consider light protection, offering UV-resistant qualities to further preserve the integrity of the stored herb.

Santa Cruz is a notable brand that understands these nuances. Their offerings reflect an intimate knowledge of what cannabis requires in terms of storage, providing users with containers that not only look good but also prioritize the herb’s longevity and quality. For anyone serious about maintaining the freshness and potency of their stash, transitioning to such specialized containers is a wise and worthy investment.

Location, Location, Location

Once your cannabis is snugly packed in its ideal container, the next consideration is where to store it. Your herb prefers a cool, dark place, free from temperature fluctuations. While basements might seem ideal, they can sometimes be too damp, promoting mold growth.

Detail of a cannabis plant affected by fungi isolated on white


On the other hand, locations near radiators or windows can dry out and degrade the herb. Closets or cabinets, especially those in climate-controlled environments, are often best. And while the refrigerator might seem like a tempting option, the constant in-and-out can introduce moisture, and the cold can make the trichomes brittle. Freezers are a strict no for long-term storage as freezing temperatures can break down the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Humidity: The Often Overlooked Essential

When storing cannabis, many factors vie for our attention, but humidity, with its quiet but profound influence, often goes unnoticed. Yet, its role in determining the quality, flavour, and longevity of your herb can’t be understated. Store your cannabis in conditions that are too dry, and you’ll find it becoming brittle, losing its aromatic terpenes and leading to a harsh smoking or vaping experience. On the other hand, an environment that’s too humid becomes a breeding ground for mould and mildew, which can not only spoil your stash but pose health risks.

The optimal relative humidity for storing cannabis lies between 55% to 62%. Within this range, the herb maintains its essential qualities, offering a consistently pleasant experience. But how does one achieve and maintain this delicate balance?

Enter brands like Boveda. Recognizing the challenges users face in maintaining the right humidity levels, Boveda has developed specialized humidity control packets. These aren’t your average moisture-absorbing sachets. Boveda packets are two-way humidity control solutions, which means they can either release or absorb moisture to ensure the environment remains within the desired range. By responding to the ambient conditions, these packets ensure that your stash remains at the optimal humidity level, preserving its potency, flavour, and aroma.

In the world of cannabis storage, understanding and managing humidity is paramount. With innovative solutions like those offered by Boveda, even novice users can store their herb with the confidence of a seasoned connoisseur, ensuring each session is as fresh and flavourful as the last.

boveda 62% 67 gram humidity pack



The Long Game: Thinking Beyond Immediate Consumption

For many, cannabis is a cherished experience, a moment of relaxation, creativity, or relief. By understanding and implementing these storage secrets, enthusiasts ensure that each session, whether it’s today, next week, or months from now, is as vibrant and effective as intended. As the cannabis industry and culture evolve, so do techniques and tools for storage, reflecting the deep respect and appreciation for this ancient plant. The act of storage becomes less of a mundane task and more of a ritual, a testament to the value placed on preserving the herb’s integrity and potency.



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