DaVinci IQ2 vs IQ

February 11, 2020

DaVinci IQ2 Review: Is the New IQ2 Vape Worth the Upgrade? The world of dry herb vaping is evolving rapidly. […]

Cannabis under the Microscope

December 12, 2019

Ever wonder what marijuana looks like up close and personal? We all know that marijuana is a miracle of nature […]

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review

November 15, 2019

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review and Guide The holy grail in the world of vaporizers is to find a battery-powered dry […]

G Pen Elite Review

February 7, 2019

A portable convection Style Herbal Vaporizer from Grenco Science, the G Pen Elite is one that will surely impress Built […]

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